COOMO Furnishings’ mission goes beyond designing and making furniture; we improve lifestyles, creativity, attitudes and spread a culture through designing spaces for your home and workplace. 

For nearly two decades of building and accumulation, COOMO has a design team that includes 30 of top designers worldwidely, 13 large scale manufactory bases built in a fusion of traditional and modern elements along with 2008 flagship stores all over China and overseas. Our 6000 staffs strive hard to create elegance, comfort and functionality to life and work environments. 

We have 19 brands and ranges of products and collocations; whether it is a single range of lounges and living space, dining and kitchen area, bedroom and study room, kids room and home theatre or overall collocations like large houses and mansions, modern apartments, residential homes or luxury office places, you can always find your favourite pieces in COOMO. We are committed not only to creating a warm and comfortable home, but also providing different living spaces and experiences. COOMO designs for your desire.

For custom-made and collocation aspect, our interior designers and consultants create comfortable and functional homes that integrate a cultured atmosphere in its living spaces. Innovation, meticulousness, pursuing exquisiteness and sophisticated craftsmanship are our objectives. Our smart furniture represents all of these concepts.  Our smart furniture represents all of these concepts.  

We aim to create a kind of culture that spreads a sense of accomplishment and attainment through our design and every products. We welcome you to engage us in conversation, as beyond designing and manufacturing furniture and products.

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